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a message from current principal, Brad Burns

Bob is singularly responsible for the Victoria School we know and love today.  Back in 1985 Bob had a vision for Edmonton's oldest high school institution, that in many ways was spiralling into an abyss.   He was charged with "turning around" an inner city high school that in all aspects was receiving a failing grade.  He knew the way forward was through the arts and thus Victoria Comp became Victoria School of Performing and Visual Arts (later to be known as Victoria School of the Arts).  From there he assembled a dynamic team and together they began the uphill battle of transforming a culture.  Because of Bob's vision and tenacity we have the school that we are all proud to be part of today.

 Although the vision of being the "Juilliard of the North" might not be exactly what we have grown into, (we are so much more than that) it is because of Bob, that for the last 36 years we have been providing a safe and dynamic space for the artistic youth of Edmonton to grow, to learn and to thrive.  His vision for a Kindergarten through Grade 12 Arts focused school in the heart of Edmonton became a reality in 2000, and we have been thriving ever since. 

Bob's legacy is much more than what he has left behind, it lives in those who he has inspired. He had envisioned a space for young artists to grow and thus enter into the world to share their creativity, their passions, their talents, and their joy with others through their art. 

On a personal note:  Back in 1997 Bob first hired me into the district from a small rural school in Wetaskiwin County, from there my journey and love affair with Victoria School began. Sixteen years later, when I had the opportunity to journey to Highlands School as principal, it was Bob's example of rebirth through the arts that made me believe that success at Highlands was fully possible, and it was. Thank you Bob!

Bob, you will be greatly missed but not forgotten, your name will live on in a School Award, a Victoria School Foundation for the Arts Scholarship and in the hearts of those who lived in fear of the hallway "Cannon Ball".  We will continue to tell your story for years to come.  Rest well my friend!

I know that if Bob were still with us he would want you to "Put on your rose colored glasses and dream!".  And dream we will...for it is the dream that keeps us strong!

in humble service 

- Brad

bob maskell.jpg


Photo Description: Backstage in the Eva O'Howard Theatre lives reminders of the legacy of students and teachers of Victoria School. This photo is Bob Maskell's "mark" - after being principal of Victoria School from 1985-2001 - his way of explaining his ideal of what an arts education could be. Thank you to Nico van der Kley for the photo. 

"Put on your rose coloured glasses

and dream with me."


We are very grateful to Bob Maskell's family for honouring his life in the way he lived it - thinking of furthering the opportunities for young people to learn and explore the arts. To make a donation to the Victoria School Foundation for the Arts in the name of Bob Maskell, cheques can be mailed to address below, or donated online through the link.   

Victoria School Foundation

10210 -108 Avenue

Edmonton T5H 1A8

Income tax receipts are available for all donations over $20.00

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